Magic is not to fool,
it allows us to believe in Miracles!

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Want to know what the wizards have up their sleeves? Performing for differnt venues, matching different event themes, and keeping it within budget is only half the magic. Our wizards have dedicated years practicing the art of magic so that you can experience the WOW factor. We know that people dont just like a card trick or any trick, they want to experience an magic journey. Check out the different kinds of entertaining magic the wizards can produce which will take you on that journey!

Close up Magic

Formal Events
Rehearsal Dinners
Social Gatherings
Community Events

No matter how close you get you will believe in magic after witnessing close up magic inches from your face. With close up magic the magician goes from table to table, group to group, or is at a central location performing for small audiences.

Stand-up Magic

Special Events
Living Rooms

Stand up magic, also called parlor magic, is a more formal show. Everyone watches in amazement as the magic is performed for smaller audiences of up to 50 people. The focus is on the magic with show times as little as 20 minutes up to and 90 minutes.

Stage Magic

Corperate Events
Community Centers

Stage magic is for larger audiences or events. Larger props are used to bring bigger magic and surprise for all that witness. Larger productions like this need more room or a stage and show for 45 minutes to 90 mintues.


House Parties
Corperate Events
Private Parties
Social Gatherings
Tabeled Events

Mentalism is different than magic! We use the power of the mind to entertain audiences of any size or shape. Mentalism can be done close up or on stage while bringing amazement to any audience. Clairvoyant, telepathy, psychic, true mind powers? What does it all mean? Could it be real? Check it out to know for sure!

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Performing for over 25 years we offer professional quality magic services to help turn your next event into a magical experience. Magic can transform any audience mood, rather it be sad, mad, tired, or bored into a state of MAGIC feeling happiness, joy, and a state of wonder! We work with any budget to get the magic happening!

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Magic for any event

Bring Focus to your Event
Quality Entertainment
Change the mood of an audience

Have a birthday, holiday party, corporate event, or wedding to plan? Magic can add focus and entertainment to your event while completely changing the state of mind of your audience. Captivate your guests with Professional Magic!

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Magic School

Learning with Magic
Learn Special Skills
Teaches Focus & control

Learning Magic helps students gain dexterity, confidence, Social skills, and more. With magic focus meets challenge and can help turn students towards better reading skills and attention spans! You not only learn magic you learn life skills!

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Could these "extra sences" actually be real? Jim Boothe started noticing anomolies at an early age and has been focusing on them since. Book the Force of the Mind show for your next event and witness jaws hitting the floor with amazement!

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How to contact a Wizard!

Wizard Jim Boothe is located in southern WV providing professional magic for all of WV and surrounding states!
Travel arrangements can be made for the Wizard to travel anywhere to peform his amazing magic or mentalism for any audience

Jim Boothe Magic
Beckley, WV 25801
Telephone: 304-207-0510

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